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hey guys what's up? n/m/h...juss sittin here's my plan for this weeekend:*


--* go 2 school

--* hannah will come home with me from school*

--* we'll get ready 4 the norton homecoming dance at my house

--* go 2 the Norton football game

--* go 2 the dance till 12 or sumthin

--* go home and stay up all nit*lol*



--* sleep in late w/ hannah* lol

--* hopefully go 2 the fall fling

--* prolly go 2 the cornmaze and the bowlin alley w/ my possie*




--* sleep lol*

--* run in the fall fling race

--* hang out at the fall fling

--* then hang around the house


there u go!!* well i'm gonna leave yall w/ some randoms.*



--* I'm tired

--* this text is big

--* I'm bored

--* I have stupid school 2morrow :(

--* I juss got done runnin and takin a shower

--* well i guess i better go!!*

--* talk 2 u guys lata

--* luv yall

--* Leave Me Some Comments!!!

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