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.:*At Hannah's*:.

-*Hey guys!* what's up?? n/m/h juss sittin here at hannah's house!* tonite was very* i went to hannah's and i straightened her hair and then we went to the bowlin alley. there was no1 there so we went outside and saw tayler && morgan && meisha so we decided to go to wal*mart and find robbie barker(aka: beautiful)!* lol* when we walked down there we found Kristan and Kelsey so we
hung out w/ them and we went to little mexico and a bunch of stuff happened there!* lol...but after that we went to wal*mart and fooled around!!* lol* well here's some randoms*
*Flava Flav!!
*the weedeater*
*Jello??? where?
*her mom's really p.o.ed!*
*who r u??
*can we get that to go??
*check please!
* clowns!!* ahhh!!!
*my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
*text messaging
*Saw II
*Pringles!*(original and pizza)
well i guess i better go!* ttyl!* Luv u guys!!* leave me some comments!*
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