.:*At Hannah's*:.

-*Hey guys!* what's up?? n/m/h juss sittin here at hannah's house!* tonite was very interesting...lol* i went to hannah's and i straightened her hair and then we went to the bowlin alley. there was no1 there so we went outside and saw tayler && morgan && meisha so we decided to go to wal*mart and find robbie barker(aka: beautiful)!* lol* when we walked down there we found Kristan and Kelsey so we
hung out w/ them and we went to little mexico and a bunch of stuff happened there!* lol...but after that we went to wal*mart and fooled around!!* lol* well here's some randoms*
*Flava Flav!!
*the weedeater*
*Jello??? where?
*her mom's really p.o.ed!*
*who r u??
*can we get that to go??
*check please!
* clowns!!* ahhh!!!
*my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
*text messaging
*Saw II
*Pringles!*(original and pizza)
well i guess i better go!* ttyl!* Luv u guys!!* leave me some comments!*
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*hey guys!* what's up?? n/m/h...i just figured i'd update cuz i haven't updated in like forever!!* lol* well n/m has been goin on....tomorrow's valentine's day and my lil brother's birhtday!!* aww!* lol* he's gonna turn 4*...today's a snow day!* yay!* it's prolly REALLY boring reading this b/c i dont have much to say!* lol* i've been sick and i've missed 2 days...but i'm getting better!* I went to Disney World at the beginning of January and believe it or not it was FREEZING cold!* lol* i about DIED but it was fun...those last 4 miles out ot 13 felt like 10 miles!* lol* i got 16th out of 209 in my age group so i guess i did pretty good!* well i guess i better go!* ttyl!!*
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hey guys i'll update l8r cuz i did a real big long 1 and it got deleted..:*( if you feel sorry 4 me leave me a comment!*
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hey guys what's up? n/m/h juss sittin here home alone*lol* i went to the "orthodontist"(inside joke) this weekend and here are some quotes from it(i couldn't remember all of em so i stole em from tiff's lj!!*
--Peter Pettigrew got his ticket wet?*
--oooo alex!*
--Gimme a piece of THAT!!*
--FOR NARNIA!!!!!*
--Are you with me?*;till death my friend
--oh abner he would hurt!!*

--Lauren your caressing it* *Tiffany said that*

--did you get in trouble for breakin it?*

--omg Chris Tiff&&abner juss got back from narnia*

--light as a feather STICK as a board *HAHA*

--Abner, where are my doritios? * Tiff said that like a thousand times...literally*

--William is Tiff's abner, you have Liam and Me&&Alex are sharin Daniel

--I get his right ball&&right cheek and you get his left ball&&left cheek *Alex and Me*

--I`m gonna talk like this for the rest of the night * in an english accent*

--no repeats with the website like last year!!!!!

--I`d tap that!! *haha*

--I can`t believe your eye won`t open any farther Katie!!

--those Optical Illusions SCARED me!!

--not to be mean Kara but you need to leave * Abner to Jade`s friend*

--me&&Tiff are cool cause we aren`t wearin shoes!!


--My name is Josh *clap clap* I give great hugs *clap clap*

--I'm hungry again!!

--omg there`s a new POCKET!!

--UNDERNEATH!! *abner*

--OMG S**** and J*** are here!! * i stared these out cause it was too dicussting to put!!!*

--SHE IS GETTIN ON MY NERVES!! *everyone said this like a thousand times!!*

--Like a black dock and a white coffin

--Tanner's mine

--That was a good un!* lol

--the picture(cough cough abner!*)

--me and kayla are famous b/c kayla was on that's so raven and i fought off tigers...ok they were ligers..lol

--that 1 time at band camp there was this flute!

--(gagging) what are they doing now? *me and tiff whispering* EWWWW gross!


--secret santa*

--my humps my humps!

--go cheese(abner's version)

--gomez is sooooo slow!!


--the cavity is in the tooth!

well that's all i can steal and think of rite now lol*

then the next day after we got back fro;m the "orthodontist" i went to the mall and got a bunch of cool kid stuff* well i guess i better go!!* ttyl lylas*
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hey guys!* what's up? n/m/h juss sittin here bored...I haven't updated in awhile so i figured i would!!*haha...hmm...idk what to write about..alex tunnell fixed my back ground(thanx and i luv it!!*)...well idk what i'm gonna do this weekend...i think i'm gonna tumble at the Big Stone parade on thursday and then the wise and norton 1 on saturday...*shew i had to go to the orthodontist today and my teeth hurt now!!!* lol* well i guess i better go and talk to sum ppl on icq!!* ttyl...luv u guys!!*

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hey guys what's up? n/m/h juss sittin here at my house all alone...:(* i'm sick...ugh..o well..lol well i dont really have much to say but i went and saw the harry potter and the goblet of fire movie!!!!!!!!*alex and amber went w/ me and it was soo much fun!!* it's my favorite movie!!!* omg i luv it!* well i guess i better go...ttyl* luv u guys*


*'.Leave me a bunch of comments!!.'*-
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hey guys what's up? n/m/h juss sittin here bored...well i juss wanted to update since i haven't updated in awhile...i'll update a better one later but now i'm too lazy!!* haha well i'm gonna go!*LUV YALL and TtYl!*


*.:Leave me some sweet ones!*:.*

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